Sunday, September 6, 2009

Drug Testing

Drug Testing for school admission

Drug testing should be done in every sector of the society, not only in schools but also at work. This should be a mandatory process before a person can be admitted in a school or be hired in work. If drug testing is required before anyone can get a driver's license, why not require it also to aspiring students of a university before they can be admitted. There is no difference in that.

A school is designed to allow students to learn, it should be a place with a good learning environment, it is a place where we can implore knowledge. How can one person be encourage to learn if his or her seatmate is a drug addict. How can you call a school a good learning environment if your environment is surrounded with drug addicts. In some or most instances, these persons who are addicted to drugs can be the root of violence inside or outside the campus. They can also influence other people to try drugs themselves and eventually become drug addicts just like them. So, it should be a requirement for a school to drug test not only the students but also the employees and the teachers to make it a good environment for learning and a place for knowledge.

This may be a case for an argument, some may question where is the right for education. I say: how can a person be educated if he is into drugs? Who in the right mind wants to go in a school full of drug addicts? May be the drug addicts themselves...If a person wants education he should be a person who who is on his right mind and if one wants to be admitted into a school, he should be drug free.A school should be a safe place to study that's why I agree on drug testing before admission...


  1. You left strong parting words there Jim! I see that the passion in protecting the educational system and the youth of today runs deep within you.



    Good luck with the finals and to your singing career.

  2. Good points Jim.

    Doc Z, Jim does not sing, Jhimpie sings,